14 things a new website must have
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Starting a New Website


In this article 14 things a new website must have is what we are going to touch on today.

When we first start entertaining the thought of creating an online business or trying to “make money online”, we usually don’t know the first thing about how to do it.

Well, guess what. 

Starting a new website is like building or buying your very first house. First, you find a piece of land, then you build (or hire someone) to build from a blueprint and finally you move in then customize it to your liking. You also try your best to make sure it looks great when company arrives. Am I right?

Here you will find all of the information on the necessary things a website should have. You will also learn about the moving parts which should help you create and launch an awesome website or blog. 

If you’re on this page it’s because you want the info, so let’s jump right in.

The first thing you need is…….

1. An Idea

Idea for your website

In order to have a site or blog, you first need to know what it is you’d like to share with the world.

Maybe you’re very passionate about something in particular and know a lot about it.  You could be a consumer who wants to give an honest review about certain products and/or services.

Do you have or make your own physical or digital products?

If you are still stumped on an idea, this article Choose an Idea for Creating Website or Blog may help you out a bit more.

Please don’t rush it, take your time. This is a journey not a sprint to the finish line, which you will see as we move along.

2.  Domain Name & Hosting



top level domain extensions for new websites

Your domain is the name of your website and your hosting is where it will live.

Here’s an example:  www.newbieprofitsonline.com

Your home = Your website

Your address = Your domain name

Your land (where your house sits) = Your hosting

There are many types of domain name extensions .com .net .org etc. These are the “best practice” extensions for a website.


The .com extension is universal for most websites. Think about it, whenever you hear or see www. you expect .com at the end right?

That’s because it’s the norm. It’s creation was intended for “commercial use since the mid 1990’s, creating a worldwide familiarity, which is why it ranks the best over all other domain name extensions.


On the other hand, .net is the abbreviation for “network which was primarily intended for use by internet service provider companies. Henceforth, .net became the second runner-up to .com. It hasn’t changed since 1985 and it probably never will.


The .org is an abbreviation of  the word “organization”. It’s a generic top-level domain that anyone can register for. There are no requirements for the registration. .org is usually associated with non-profit organizations & charities. Political parties also use the .org extension attributes as well.

So you can see why a .org domain can rank just as well as a .com extension. Not only do they both rank quickly easily. So if you’re looking for quick ranking, .com and .org are your best bets.

Now that we know what the most popular extensions mean, the next order of business is to decide what type of domain name we need and how we are going to use it.

Here are a few examples:

You may want to name it after,

yourself – (www.krismc.com)

a product (www.kholerstandalonegenerators.com)

your idea –  (www.homegardens.com)

I’m confident that you will build more than one website, so there will be posts dedicated to more in-depth domain choosing factors.


Website Hosting

Domain and Web Hosting Companies

4 of the domain name/hosting companies that I have used.


These are the 4 that I use, but there are many web hosting companies worldwide.

They all have some sort of incentive-based pricing for you to join.

It’s up to you to pick which is the best for you.


Go Daddy



You’re just starting out so for the sake of creating your very first website, just go ahead and PICK ONE!

Just focus on getting that site it up and running. As you learn more, your bandwidth needs will increase, then you will need to step it up a notch or two.


3.  Google & Social Media Accounts


google social-media-icons


You may have a google account already. If you don’t you should create one because they have a lot of free tools, products and services available to you as well as valuable information about yours and other websites.

Google Analytics Real-time website stats.

URL Shortener  – Turns very long URLs into very short ones.

Google Trends –  Free Real-time stats on search criteria for Arts & Entertainment – Autos & Vehicles – Beauty & fitness – Books & literature – Business & industrial – Computers & electronics – Finance – Food & drink – Games. This will become very helpful when doing your research.

Google Adwords – Free keyword research tool which you will need to make sure that your new websites content gets seen by the world.

Google Sites – A free and easy way to create and share web pages.

Just to name a few of Google’s products/services.

I’m quite sure you have at least ONE social media account. I’m also quite sure you know that everyone who’s anyone is always on some type of social media site at some point during the day or night.

I know that setting up any type of account is a pain in the ass, but social media is “The Best” way for you to promote your new website to the world. 

The first and ONLY reason you should want to set up social media accounts along side of your new website is because everyone uses them! We all share blog posts, pictures and website pages everyday all day, so get yours linked to your website today for MAXIMUM EXPOSURE!


Google + (Plus)






4.  Website Builder

wordpress icon


Once you have your accounts set up, it’s time to get busy building your very first website. Your website builder is where you will create your website, all of your posts and pages plus create the look and feel of your site. You will also configure your settings for everything that comes along with the website builder installation that you choose.

I use WordPress for most of my sites simply for the ease, compatibility and available tutorials and lessons that are available for it. You don’t have to know anything about HTML code to install, run and configure WordPress, although later on you might just wanna get your chops up, lol.

Here are some WordPress Tutorial Videos for you to help you get started.



5.  Clean, Simple Responsive Design


A responsive design is a website theme that is easy for search engine spiders and/or your visitors to read and navigate through, along with being visually optimized for viewing on “any” device ie; desktops, laptops, cell phones etc.

Did you know that mobile devices are how almost 90% of the world views web-based content? So if your website isn’t built with a responsive theme, you are losing out on 90% of your possible visitors.

Is This Sight Responsive?

Please Let Me Know.

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The Next things you NEED are…….


6.  Core Pages



These are the pages you NEED to have on any website that you create:



Privacy Policy 

Terms of Use



First and foremost you “need” these pages to enlighten your visitors on who you are, what your company is about, as well as what your intentions are with their personal information, whether they opt-in to your newsletter or not.

It also notifies them of the fact that certain links they click on or purchase from will indeed pay you a commission.

If you fail to see the importance of having these pages on your site, you could one day find yourself in court.

Finally, Google gives you love when they see that you’re playing nicely with others and following the rules.

7.  Good Security



good website security


Security is definitely one of the most important points out of the 14 things a new website must have.

Websites get hacked or compromised every day, especially newbie sites. That means YOU and the fact that you don’t know how to keep it from happening.

There’s always somebody out there waiting to mess your day up by defacing your site. I know because it happened to 8 of my sites  at the same time.

If it happens too often, Google will stuff your website on page 100 to make sure that your hiccup doesn’t become contagious to upstanding citizens who are just innocently browsing.

But before you begin building your website, it’s important to protect it. When you build a house and put your family in it, don’t you want to make sure it is protected?

You can protect your website with free or paid plugins and services offered by WordPress and/or your hosting providers. The plugins are very easy to install and the hosting provider services are easy to sign up for.

I use Siteground for my websites. It is a paid alternative, but here’s more information on How To Secure Your WordPress Website From Hackers.

14 Things a New Website Must Have – Part 2


8.  Opt In Forms


I’m quite sure you know what an opt-in form is but if not, here it is.



Firstly, it’s a relationship builder. It’s a form that you will place on your site, providing your visitors with the option to join your mailing list to receive newsletter information, your latest posts or free ebooks.

It also provides YOU the opportunity to lead the subscriber to valuable, helpful products and/or services that you recommend.

You may even just want to share with them what you learned today.

This goes into the subject of “List Building”. In order to achieve smart passive income online, building a list is “essential”.

I know that you have heard the term, “The Money Is In The List”, and it’s true. Once you provide your readers with valuable information, they will be ready to back you up and try things that you suggest all because you “keep it real” with them.

Opt-in forms are very important and vital for you as a business and for it to thrive and grow.

9.  Monetization (Something to Promote)


Simply put, it means making money from your website.

There are 33+ ways to monetize (make money) from your website.

These are the 3 most popular ones


Affiliate Marketing – This is when you promote other people’s products and services for a commission

PPC Advertising – This is when you pay for a top spot on the first page of Google, and money is deducted from your adwords account every time someone clicks your ad.

Adsense – This is Google’s way of letting you make a few pennies from letting them put targeted texts, videos or image advertisements on your site. 

We will cover more monetization methods in later articles. 

10.  Great Images


Content is VERY IMPORTANT to Google as well as your visitors. Don’t you like to see nice clear pictures or infographics when you visit someone else’s website or blog?

Backgrounds featured images and galleries all help display or convey your message to your viewers.

We all have an obligation to the public to provide them with the best of the best visually and intellectually.

I guess you wanna know where to get free images from, lol.

These are where I get some of mine from.







Create your own images with or without text using Pixlr.com

Find easy Pixlr Tutorials here.

You can also “take your own” photos and use them on your website or blog as well. I do that sometimes just because it adds more of a personal “real feel” to the article.

11.  Keyword Research


Keywords are what you would type in the search bar in order to find exactly what you’re looking for from the search engines. 

Now that you’re on the other side of the fence as a webmaster, if you don’t do proper keyword research, you won’t know if anyone is even remotely interested in what you have to say.

The goal is to provide the public with exactly what they want or need to see and know.

Now that you know what they are, you should also know that there are different types of keywords you should know about.

Here are 3 basic keyword types


1.  Broad KeywordDefault match type that reaches the “widest” audience. Those type of keywords can pop up anytime someone types in anything with the word “motorcycles” in it.

Ex: Motorcycles 

Keyword Research

2.  Phrase Match Keyword The type of keyword that allows you more control. It will appear when someone searches for that phrase, but there may be a word “before or after” it.

Ex: Parts for Motorcycles/Motorcycles for sale 

Keyword research

3.  Exact Match Keyword – This is the most restrictive keyword of all types. It’s where the gold is! It will ONLY show up when someone types in the “Exact Phrase” in the “Exact Same Order”.

Ex: 2015 Harley Davidson Sportster Iron 883 Motorcycles 

Google Search Results Keyword Research

These examples are ok to go by, especially if you’re looking for “Organic Traffic”, but if you are going to pay for your traffic (PPC) these keywords types need to be examined more thoroughly. 

 Free Keyword Research Tools I Have Used:


Google Keyword Planner


KW Finder



Seo Book



Paid Keyword Research Tools That I Use:

All three of these keyword tools are awesome! Some of the free ones have limitations, but if you want to  get more in depth without the limitations, here ya go…..


Jaxxy – This is my FIRST  favorite! I’ve never seen ANYTHING like it yet!

Jaxxy- Best Keyword Research Tool

Jaxxy- Best Keyword Research Tool

Take Jaxxy for a test drive, check it out right now to see why it’s my #1 pick!

Put any keyword you want to search in the box below 

Long Tail Pro – This is my SECOND favorite because it’s quick and easy to use.  

long tail pro comprehensive keyword research tool

Market Samurai  – This is the bees knees as well, it just takes a little longer, but still equally efficient!

market samurai keyword research tool

Market Samurai

They all come with FREE TRIALS, step-by-step instructions AND tutorial videos to help you get your skills up no matter which one you choose to use.

If you just get the basics of it down you will be the best position to have your sight begin to rank in the search engines. YAAAY!!!!

12.  Valuable Website Articles



newspaper articles on rack


Your articles are a reflection of you. Believe it or not, your visitors can tell a lot about you from the articles that you write. 

Your website and all its articles must have “value”.

People should want to come back to your site and tell their friends to visit your website as well because of the interesting things they saw or learned and because of how cool you are to talk to “in a sense”.

Before I begin writing an article, as a practice, I ask myself every question I can think of as if I was the one looking for the information. I make it personal, that way I can make my articles as helpful and informative as possible.

I also have fun doing it because it’s me talking to you like a one on one conversation.

We only get one first impression to provide a service to our public and it only takes one click to lose one of them forever.

Remember, your website is your home and your visitors are guests.

13.  On and Off Page SEO




What does SEO stand for? 

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is basically a set of “white hat” or “proper” best practices that we as webmasters (website builders) follow primarily to provide a great user experience and achieve better rank positioning in search engine results. 

Although doing what it takes “naturally” in order to receive “site love” AND a nice search engine rank position may take longer, at least your visitors will know that you aren’t part of “spam nation”.

On Page SEO search ranking factors are those that are entirely within your own control.  It’s about presenting essential HTML clues that help search engines and the public to actuate importance. 

It means having optimized titles and descriptions and proper URL structures.

Question…….Will your websites architecture help or hinder search engines?

Off Page SEO ranking factors are those that we do not directly control. When search engines realized that relying on signals controlled by us alone didn’t always yield the best outcomes, they began to use the On-Page factors.

For example, some website builders were making themselves look much more relevant than they actually were, in other words, they were tricking the search engines into giving them great rank positioning. This caused issues with web surfers not being able to get the proper information that they were searching for, which was and always will be extremely frustrating.

Lo and Behold! That’s when the search engine revolution began!

14.  Calls to Action



 What is a “CTA”?

A call to action is pretty much exactly what it says. It is an image or maybe a line of text that encourages your readers/visitors to “take action”.

You’ve seen them everywhere, the banners, the click here for your free report or download, attend an event or webinar etc.

It actually makes people do the opposite of just sitting there wishing they had done something in their interest.

It usually makes them want to do more to satisfy their curiosity, which could potentially end up being a customer, commission or a loyal fan of yours.

Nice Right?

Time to wrap it up! 


Well, we have finally reviewed the last item of 14 Things a New Website Must Have and I must say this was great for me. I genuinely had an awesome time writing this post to this site.

I actually learned some new stuff during my research on this topic, which allowed me to inform and serve you better.

I really hope that you have gained a better understanding of the 14 things a new website must have in order to create and build your very own new website or blog.

If there is anything you would like me to write about or if there’s a post that you would like to submit, holla at me below in detail and we can chop it up!

Please like & share this site or this post to those you feel it may help.

Thanks a bunch!

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below.

We are a growing community here to help you, help me help others!

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