what is a domain name and hosting
by Kris

 About Domain Names


The undeniable truth about domain names and hosting is that they are both ESSENTIAL for an online business.

The Domain Name System or DNS is the system put in place to assign addresses to web servers or hosts.

A domain name system gives every Internet server a recognizable easy to find web address. This is how you find the sites that you search for.

The “www” stands for World Wide Web or (the web).

Please note that a domain name is NOT the same as an IP address. IP addresses is an entirely separate article, lol.

By the time you’re finished here you will know………..


 Common Questions About Domain Names


  1. What is a domain name and how to purchase one?
  2. Why do I need a domain name?
  3. Can anyone register a domain name?
  4. How much does it cost?
  5. How long does the process take
  6. When I buy it, do I own it and for how long?
  7. Can I eventually sell my domain? If so where?
  8. What is a domain name redirect?


Okay, let’s go into detail about what is a domain name and hosting

In this post, I will go into it as best I can, in order to help you start your journey.

I will be focusing on domain names for now, but if you are part of the “Newbie Nation” you know that more will be revealed about hosting!

Is that okay?

if so, Let’s Begin!



Domain Name Search 


I briefly went over domain names and hosting in a previous article but I just wanted to add a few more morsels to the plate.

Firstly, ANYONE can get a domain name, personal or business.

Although there are millions of domain names to choose from and they are easy to obtain, that does not mean that you don’t have to think about or search for one that best fits you and your brand or niche.

Actually, your domain name is one of the most important choices.  If you pick the wrong one,  it’s like buying a nice house in the wrong neighborhood.

Picking an in your face memorable type of domain name that stands out will help to build your brand, your authority, and it makes it easier for people to recognize you and what you’re about.


Note: Some people will advise to buy the .com, .net and the .org to the domain name you choose so that no one else will have a Top Level domain name matching yours. Because if they take possession of one of the ones that you have not secured and they do something crazy with it, it may very well get people thinking that it is a part of your brand. If that happens it will definitely hurt your credibility.

I’ve been there and had that done to me already! – Kris Mc


More Things To Remeber


  1. All domain searches are FREE
  2. .com is the best extension to get
  3. Keep it short and “Simple” (15 characters or under is standard).
  4. Stay unique and avoid using hyphens when you can. (At your discretion of course)

Check For Your Domain Name Right Here


Note: After registering a domain with or any other registrar, it usually takes between 24 and 72 hours for your domain to show up in the registry database and for the information on the new domain to propagate to all the root DNS servers.


You will own your domain name as long as you pay for it. There is a yearly charge, you can’t go wrong with that. Right?

Once a year you gotta pay $10 to $15 bucks per year for something that allows you to show the world who you are, what you’re about, what you do AND make you money!


AWESOME SAUCE!!!!!!!!!   🙂 🙂 🙂





How to Sell Domain Names


Did you know that you can actually make a business out of selling domain names?

First you buy them (good ones) and then sell them.

If you think about it domain names are a piece of real estate.

The one place that I go to sell domain names is Flippa.com.

They have an awesome setup for selling domain names, buying domain names as well as complete websites.

You can buy websites that have traffic and are making money or websites that don’t.  They have something for everyone.

I know a few people who have become experts flipping domains and websites on Flippa and now that’s how they pay their bills.

It is their ONLY business!

I will let you know when I become an expert at it so that I can help you become one too.

If you don’t wait for me, come back here and show us how it’s done. Lol




How to Find A Great Domain Name 


This is just a small section I wanted to put in about what is now my favorite tool for all things keyword and domain name oriented.

Enter any keyword you want and click the search for keywords button below


Notice that beneath the search bar are REAL TIME searches being conducted RIGHT NOW while you’re on this page!

It’s poppin and people are checkin every second. Don’t miss out!



Domain Names for Free


I came across these sites a few months ago. I know some folks are kinda strapped for cash so I just wanted to throw these in here as it may help someone.

I haven’t personally used them but it’s there for any who would like to. I mean what’s the harm in checking on some FREE information!

This is exactly how I got to where I am now, taking information directly associated to the task at hand. After checking into it, I then make an executive decision, Lol

Let me know what you think.



What Is Your Domain Name?


I’d really like to know the answer to that question, and how you are coming along. You should have one by now and be ready to move towards the next step. If not re-read this post or 14 things a new website must have until you are familiar enough to proceed.


Take your time, don’t rush


I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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