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by Kris

Hey newbies, Kris here, I have a question for you today.

Do you have problems creating awesome, catchy titles for your articles or blog posts? Do you get stuck and frustrated and just don’t write at all? I know that I have.

Quite honestly, more people than you’d think will admit that they have difficulties creating great article headlines or eye-catching blog post titles.

Why Are Titles and Headlines So Important? 

Here’s the answer. Statistics show that more people flip through pages andHeadline And Title Generators click through to blog articles when the title or headline is interesting. It is the entry point to what should be engaging content. Very simple.

Readers love interesting topics

Readers look at the title and decide whether to read the article or not.

What is a title generator?

Plainly put, it is either an online tool, extension or application that allows you to input an idea or keyword and then generates crazy amounts of titles for it.

Some people write first then use the headline generator to best display what’s in their content, but ultimately you do what is best for you.

Although these tools go by a few different names

  • article headline generator
  • newspaper headline generator
  • headline text generator
  • title maker
  • blog topic generator
  • random headline generator
  • random subject generator
  • content topic generator
  • good title generator
  • blog title generators
  • essay title generators
  • story title generator
  • name generators
  • book title generators
  • random title generators


 icon-quote-left They all do the same thing icon-quote-right  

The great thing about them is that regardless of what you’re writing, they all can be used to accomplish something very important to your readers…..

Gripping, Interesting, Inspirational and Informative Titles.

What better way to make an impression?

Here’s an example, which one is better…

1. How To Write Great Titles


2. How To Improve At Writing Great Titles In Just 60 Seconds


Number 1 is plain and doesn’t drive the point home with a benefit.

Number 2 however, gives me a reason to believe that I will receive relief (to my creating better titles problem) or obtain extra knowledge on the subject.

Whether the article is about a tool or a step by step guide, number 2 makes me want to find out.

If you agree, I’m quite sure this is why.

We are an ever evolving people who constantly need to be helped in some way, taught or simply entertained. We look for whatever is most interesting to us and dig in.

Entertaining your audience

When I have problems or difficulty in a specific area or on a certain topic and I see a headline/title that I feel will help give me clarity, I’m clicking, scrolling down and diggin in!

I dig in with the hopes that I find what the title said I would get if I took a minute or two to read the article.

Unfortunately, that is not always the case. I’m quite sure you have experienced a great title and a not so great article. Angry kid So after reading this, I hope that you take action with the tools and information that I’m sharing with you.

I know (from personal experience) that as a newbie you will need help in certain areas in order to

  • Save Time
  • Learn More
  • Take Action

So I’m sharing with you guys my list of tools that will create just the type of headlines and titles that will engage your audience. Just input your main keyword, idea (in some cases a modifier as well) and watch the awesomeness begin.


  1. Headlinr  
  2. Hubspot
  3. Tweak Your Biz
  4. SEO Pressor
  5. Portent
  6. Blog About by Impact
  7. Inbound
  8. Content Ideator
  9. Title Generator

Now some of these will work better than others for some of you. However, whichever ones you decide to use will definitely help you to get over the hump of writers block, coming up with titles and headlines that you can use for your blog, magazine, novel, essay etc.

Quick Tip: Throw your title into google search bar and see what pops up. Compare or see if yours in a true original, how it was used and if the article serves the title well, then write something better!

I wrote this post hoping to help newbies and anyone else who has an issue in this area.

I never want you to get discouraged and stay stuck.

I also wanna let you guys know that no one and nothing is ever gonna be perfect.

So take this list, use what works best for you “Take Action” and get going with creating your content.


If this helped you in any way, please share your thoughts with us below. I’d also appreciate it if you share this article wherever you feel it may be of help. Thank you for taking the time to read this post.


Stay Awesome!

kris mc

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